Your Memories, Preserved In Time.

When it comes to your photographs you want the very best. You want to capture the moment and preserve it forever. What if you can have that and save some money at the same time. My mission is to offer the very best in photography; the best quality, at an amazingly affordable price. I want to ensure your memories last forever and you can do it at a price that keeps you coming back!


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Superb quality. Affordable pricing.

Having a family of my own I know the importance of preserving every moment. As important as it is, many times it's not always in the budget. What's worse is that many times you get burned by hidden costs, pricing schemes, and add on fees. J. Schwartz Photography will never be dishonest or shady about pricing. The price agreed upon is the price you'll pay. Quality is guaranteed. If your not fully satisfied, you get you money back and your photos are free! View pricing options