Family and toddler sessions

Family and Toddler photo sessions

Capturing moments in time isn’t always easy. Our busy day to day lives can sometimes prevent us from taking time to enjoy the little things in life. The way a child smiles, the way you hold hands with your spouse, and the way family makes every moment more enjoyable isn’t something you want to forget. I always try to capture the natural essence of you and I never try to put you in unnatural positions or make you do things that don’t compliment who you are.

When it comes to family photos you want the very best, but you don’t want to pay for it with your life savings. I mean let’s be honest you aren’t done after just one round of photos, kids get older and family’s get bigger. Everyday something new a different happens in your life. I want to make sure my photography sessions are affordable enough that you can and want to come back again and again so I can continue to help capture your memories.

ONE HOUR SESSION: $300 | 18 – 30 edited photos*

TWO HOUR SESSION: $500 | 26 – 50 edited photos*

*Numbers represent average yield for a typical session of that duration. Actual return will vary by session and is dependent on a multitude of factors.

All photos are edited with enhanced color, brightness, and contrast. You’ll receive a disc with all the edited photos in a folder clearly marked as high resolution, these photos are in PNG format and print ready. There will also be a folder with low resolution photos perfect for posting to your favorite social media platform, and finally there will be a folder marked originals that will contain all the unedited photos from the entire shoot so you can review the “outakes” for the session.

Weddings and Engagements

Your wedding is one of the most memorable times in your life. Every moment is special and capturing those moments is by far the most important part of what I do. I work with you prior to the wedding to get to know you, what you like, and dislike so I can taylor the photos to your particular wants and needs. I strive to tell your story in the most accurate way possible. There are a few things that I like to mention to potential clients before reviewing my package options.

  1. Don't get too hung up on the number of edited photos that come with each package. It acts as more of a safety net for me in the event that the wedding doesn't go as planned. I'm going to produce as many amazing photos as I get and I'll never do less than what is in the package. Where it says purchase more edited photos, this again is to ensure I know what my minimum is so there is no question between myself and the client as to what minimum amount they should expect. At the end you'll receive a disk with the entire day (unedited). On that disk you'll also get all the edited photo in both a high resolution version, print quality, and a low resolution version perfect for posting to social media (includes my logo).
  2. The add on photographer for $400 is a flat fee add-on price, and I would always recommend this option to parties of eight or more. It simply ensures that you get what you're looking for. Since I can't be in two places at once it is nice to know the second photographer is there to capture what I can't. This is optional however, so don't feel any pressure to take on more than you need.
  3. If the wedding is out of town (I'm from Eau Claire) there is a trip charge. I always like to be up-front about this so that there are no surprises later. If you would like to hire me for a destination wedding special pricing is available to cover travel arrangements. Please contact me directly for more information about destination wedding pricing.


Starting price: $2600
8 Hour Package

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Best Value

Starting price: $3400
10 Hour Package

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Best Value

Starting price: $4200
12+ Hour Package

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Additional Info:

I always offer a ten percent discount if you, the groom, or anyone in the bridal party is active duty military, veteran, or prior service. So let me know and I'll make sure to include that discount in the total cost. And it's important to note that every package is considered all-a-carte, meaning that if there is something about one package you like I can customize the quote to get you everything you want at the price that makes sense to you. So don't hesitate to ask about a combo package.

Engagement Sessions:

Should you need an engagement session the add on price for an engagement session is just $400 with no time limit, no limit on wardrobe changes, no limit on location changes, no limitations of any kind! And I am flexible on scheduling so if you prefer a weekend photo shoot that can be arranged at no extra cost.

Weddings and Engagement photo sessions

Senior Photos

Senior portraits are about celebrating a life stage. For many teens, their entire senior year is filled with milestones, and it is definitely one worth noting and celebrating in many ways, including portraiture. It’s their last year of high school, it’s also typically their last year with the friends they grew up with, their last year at home, and their last year before the beginning of the rest of their lives. Their senior year is about being on the cusp of something great, their futures, and they will never see the world the way they do right now. Documenting that with professional photography is one way of ensuring that you never forget who they are.

The senior portrait sessions are two hours in length. There is no penalty against that time for location and/or wardrobe changes. Props such as sporting equipment and team jerseys will not be provided, please contact your school for use of athletic equipment outside of their facility.

BASIC PACKAGE:$560 | 28 – 44 edited photos

COMPLETE PACKAGE:$700 | 36 – 52 edited photos

Both packages include two 16×20 canvas print and the entire session available via digital download on Dropbox. You’ll receive all edited high resolution photo digital files. Along with the edited photos are the low resolution photo digital files perfect for posting to social media. The BASIC package includes a $45 print credit. The COMPLETE package includes a $75 print credit and a custom designed photo book including a maximum of 30 photos that you choose.

Senior photo sessionsSenior photo sessions