Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

A: No, I don’t. Well, not exactly. I only edit the very best images and I leave out the missed focused shots, shots with bad expressions and other images that may dilute the overall product delivery. Sometimes I’ll take a few extra shots to make sure photo is perfect. I wouldn’t expect you to have the expertise or the time to zoom into each image to select the one with the sharpest focus, so I spend my time to ensure the quality in my photos. In another example, candid laughs and emotional tears are some of the best images from the day. Unfortunately, they can also yield some unflattering facial expressions. I might snap a few extras of any of these moments to make sure I get the ideal expression for the moment. I’ll make sure to choose the best photos that represent you and reflect the moment perfectly. In the end however, I provide a disk with all the unedited photos, so you can still relive the day through the photos!

Q: Do you do destination weddings? What additional fees are associated with destination weddings?

A: While I am currently based out of Eau Claire, WI, I can offer my services to clients from anywhere. But let’s discuss your destination for a minute. I can travel out of town, and I will charge a fee for every 25 miles after the first fifty outside of the Eau Claire city limits. But if you need further, my destination wedding photography packages include the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations. For detail contact me by clicking here.

Q: Do you provide partial day coverage?

A: Partial day coverage is available for weddings only. Minimum $1000 package price must be met for partial day sessions to be scheduled. Partial day sessions are only available for weekend (Saturday or Sunday) weddings.

Q: Does your studio do headshots, individual portraits, family portraits, commercial photography, or other types of photography?

A: Yes, I specialize in many fields of photography. Feel free to contact me for more details.

Q: Do you touch up all the images from a shoot?

A: No, I don’t. Not every image is great and some are just to distract you so you don’t know the real photo is being taken. It would be impossible to edit every photo and honestly neither of us could afford it. The photos I do edit are the best! I always put my reputation on the line whenever I do a photo shoot so that you can be guaranteed I’ll offer the best quality photos.

Q: How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos?

A: The number of hours differs based on any number of things. I always suggest no less than one hour for the traditional, family, etc. and two hours for your fun wedding day memories. Time is always a factor and not everything goes to plan, so allocation of time is key. Making sure to plan for the things you cannot predict (like the weather) is important for a successful day of photos.

Q: What happens if we go over the contracted amount of time?

A: It’s understandable that not everything goes as planned during a wedding. I’ll never pack up before the contracted time, and moreover I’m not leaving on the dot when the contracted time is up. Instead, I’ll will ask you at the end of your contracted time whether or not you would like to extend. If you would like me to stay, I’ll charge the rates specified in your contract rounded to the closest 30-minute increment. At which time I usually have an addendum signed to confirm you agree with the extension.

Q: How many images do you typically deliver from and engagement session? From a wedding?

A: I will typically deliver anywhere from 20-40 images for an engagement shoot and for a wedding, the package determines the base range of photos and I’ll never produce less than that base range. Keep in mind the amount may increase or decrease depending on the flow of the day and the number of events/activities needing to be captured.

Q: When and where can we view our engagement pictures?

A: Your engagement session images will be completed within 6 weeks after the date of the shoot. If you require the images to be completed prior to 6 weeks after the date of your shoot, a rush edit fee of $65.00 will be charged. This fee ensures a 3 week turn around time for edited photos produced and a disc delivered to you with your full session ready to print. All edited photos (branded with my logo) from any session are view-able through a shared folder on dropbox.com

Q: What rights do I have to the digital prints?

A: You have the right to reprint images whenever you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images without the written consent of J. Schwartz Photography.

Q: Do you provide the RAW files from my engagement session and/or wedding day?

A: Each of my packages comes with full resolution images. However, I do not typically provide RAW (unprocessed) files from my shoots because I believe in the crisp, clean, finished product. In fact, I’m often shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind. However, on occasion, RAW images can be provided for an additional fee and some hefty restrictions.

Q: What if I lose my images?

A: There is a $25 replacement charge and a $5 shipping fee for additional discs to be created after the event has been archived. I encourage and strongly suggest you make at least one copy of the disc after you receive it from me.

Q: My computer doesn’t take discs can I get a flash drive instead?

A: There is a $30 upgrade charge for having all your photos on a secure flash drive. You can also request, at no extra charge, that your photos be available via digital download. This method of delivery isn’t encouraged, but I can set up a repository on Amazon’s AWS servers so that you have access to the photos from your big day any time you want where ever you want, compatible with any MAC, PC, and TABLET or SMARTPHONE device.

Q: How do I reserve you for my date?

A: For weddings and large events, all dates are reserved once I receive your signed contract and deposit. For all other types of shoots your date is reserved via a verbal confirmation and agreement which can be canceled by either party at any time without penalty. However, it is important to note that you may not get a rescheduled shoot right away and may miss out on the particular season that you wanted that shoot to be done. We strongly recommend that once a date is saved you try and be there for that shoot.

Q: Is there an additional fee if we pay via credit card?

A: You will not be charged extra for using a credit card; however I do prefer if you would use debit, check, or cash payments before credit card payments when possible.

Q: If we change our wedding to a different date, will we be able to use our retainer fee towards a future date?

A: Generally yes, but this is taken on a case by case basis. The reason for canceling and my availability is taken into account. Also, if rates change from your original date to your new date, the new rates will apply.

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